2015 Nissan Juke Teasers

May 16th, 2017 by

The funky, often-talked-about Nissan Juke mini-SUV, is set to get a complete refresh for 2015. Nissan is planning a big unveiling at next week’s Geneva Motor Show. Some of you may think that Nissan is intending to scale-back some of the more polarizing exterior features—but think again. Nissan claims that the new model will feature an even more striking design.

This is all coming off the heels of stronger than expected sales worldwide; so it makes sense that the Japanese auto-maker would choose to opt-out of a mediocre face-lift.

For now, all we know of the new striking design is the teaser image Nissan has already released, along with the spy shots from Motor Authority (Pictured above).

In an age of social media, the new Juke model will be taking a slow, bit-by-bit reveal on various social networks. It won’t be a full reveal, but there should be some clues into what the car will look like and evolve into. Again, this is all just building up the anticipation for the Geneva Show.

In addition to the new design, Nissan is promising improvements in:

  • Efficiency
  • Refinement
  • Performance

All this and more are sure to help the new Juke make a splash the moment it hits showroom floors. However, for now, you’ll have to look at the teased images to see what is coming. Follow Ken Garff Nissan of Orem on Facebook and Twitter to watch for images of the new model and look-out for the full image on March 4, 2014 from Geneva.

If you just can’t wait until the new 2015 Juke comes on the market, feel free to take a look at Ken Garff Nissan of Orem’s Juke Inventory. And for you Nissan junkies, check out the Nissan News.

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